Leotrin Elmazi

Software Architect & Analyst


6330 Struga, North Macedonia


+389 71 588 956


What I am all about.

Diligent software engineer with 10+ years of experience in commercial application and software development. Eager to build innovative and cutting-edge business solutions for the impressive suite of clients within its global reach. In previous roles, slashed downtime by 25% and ensured 98% on-time project completion.

Also identified and dealt with a significant process bottleneck that boosted coding efficiency by 35% when resolved.


Batman would be jealous.

Software Architect

With 10+ years of experience in web & mobile app development. I have worked on multiple projects during my short career and have been able to learn many technologies for building great apps.



There is time that I have to work on three different projects with more than 4 different guys and in the end all the requirements are fulfilled and the clients are happy, sometimes I see myself as a Project Manager and I am trying my best so the team and client will end up satisfied.



The most important part in my work life is communication, without that we might face misunderstanding and lack of productivity. Work efficiency, productivity and commitment can be increased if we have a good communication in team.



Never saw myself as a BOSS who requires from everyone to fulfill whatever was required, I am giving my best to solve whatever issues we might face in collaboration with everyone and all what I am expecting back is Quality Results and Harmony in the team.



There have been more than 10 years since programming is part of my day life, I love being challenged and I learn everyday a new thing, web development is my specialty, but I am able to adapt in any required area, using latest technology.



While I was working at Intech, I had to handle different type of sales situation, representing products to the last buyer, even getting in touch with the clients when something went wrong during repairment and after 4years experience I was able to handle even the worst situation.


Progress bars, anyone?

Programming Languages & Frameworks
PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Javascript, NodeJs, Vue, Angular, React, Ionic, Cordova, Flutter, ASP.NET, Python, VB.NET


MySQL5.x, SQL Server 2008, Access 97/2000, Postgres SQL, MS SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB


Operating System
UNIX, Windows 10 (all older versions), MAC


SoapUI, RestAPI, Postman, Confluence, Putty, Termius, AWS, AppCenter


Testing Tools
Jira, MeisterTasks, Trello


Anayltics Tools
Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Facebook Pixel


Yes. I've been around.
2015 – Present

Mangosoft Doo

Software Architect & Analyst

Struga, North Macedonia

Engineering modern applications with latest technology like Laravel, Nodejs, Python, Flutter, Ionic.
Building innovative microservices and Web Services (incl. REST/XML).
Leading team of 5 software engineers undertaking the software development life cycle for many clients.
Slashing security breaches by an average of 79% for all clients.

2020 – Present

Tippito Inc

Founder & CEO

Struga, North Macedonia

Led team of 5 software engineers undertaking the mobile app and RestFul API development life cycle.
Implementing latest trend on social selling and increasing the active user based of the app.
Improving the app UI/UX by cutting complex features and improving the most used functionalities, from data analyzing and customer base feedback.

2019 – 2021

Admify AG

Full-Stack Developer (Remote)

Winterthur, Switzerland

As Full-Stack Developer I created the entire structure of the software to handle desktop, mobile and table clients, Developed the API with PHP Laravel.
Team Lead on development team, manual mobile app testing & managing tasks with Jira.

2015 – 2018

ZySolutions GmbH

Full-Stack Developer (Remote)

Zurich, Switzerland

I worked as Software Architect & Engineer while building www.vosh.ch and www.digitallaw.ch
Systems are based on PHP using frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Laravel. Consulting and Data processing while projects where in Alpha Release

2019 – 2021


Software Architect & Engineer (Part-time Remote)

Ohrid, North Macedonia

Software architecture with Laravel & MariaDB.
Multiple accounts implementation & management


Lazy isn't in my vocabulary.
2008 – 2011

South East European University

Bachelor of Computer Science

Tetovo, North Macedonia

2011 – 2018

Online Certifications from

Computer Science & Programming Certificates

Udemy, Pluralsight, Udacity


Happy people.

All clients that i have been working on during my career are under Mangosoft Doo and always will be.